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Nine Days (2019)


What if being born is not the beginning, but the goal? In a house distant from the reality we know, a reclusive man interviews prospective candidates-personifications of human souls- for the privilege that he once had. To be born. The interviwer's name is WILL. And his desolate house is his office. During the course of Nine Days, we follow Will's process to choose a candidate for a new open position. The person he selects is rewarded with an extension-as a newborn in the real world. The candidates he doesn't choose will cease to exist-nine days is everything that they'll ever experience. 


Directed by: Edson Oda


Written by: Edson Oda

zazzie beets.png

Zazie Beets

winston duke.png

Winston Duke

benedict wong.png

Benedict Wong

bill skarsgard.png

Bill Skarsgård

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